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  • 2021 - Presente
    Barloworld Equipment-CAT

    CEGET (Ground Engagement tool) and UC (Undercarriage) Inspector-Caterpillar

     Monitor and participate and perform maintenance and
    inspection services on equipment, installation of wear
    material and its due follow-up. responsible for the
    quality services of wear material and help customers to
    acquire better products to improve the durability and
    productivity of the equipment.
     Generate a reporter after the inspections and validate
    with the supervisors of the area to make the necessary
    follow-ups in generating quotations.
     participate in risk assessment meetings.

  • 2021 - 2021
    Barloworld Equipment-CAT

    Technician Mechanic of Earthmoving Equipment

    Servicing, diagnostics, fault finding, repairs
    and maintenance of company-owned mobile
    plant equipment. This includes workshop
    based duties and infield on:
    375B, 345D, 390D, 6030, 6060, 6090FS
     BULLDOZERS:CAT D8T, D9T, D10T and
     MOTOR GRADERS,:, CAT 12M, 14H/M, 16H/M
    and 24 H/M;
     LOADERS :CAT 966, 980,
    988 and 992; 993, 994
    627, 657;390DL, 390FL
    777F, 777G, 777E, D785; 793, 797F
     ARTICULATED DUMP TRACK :730, 740,745,
    D400D, A40E
    • Inspect the Equipment’s Engine and
    mechanical/electrical components to
    accurately diagnose problems
    • Inspect the vehicle’s computer and
    electronic systems for repairs,
    maintenance and upgrades
    • Perform routine maintenance work
    (fluid change, parts lubrication, etc.)
    aiming at the functionality and durability
    of the vehicle
    • Schedule future maintenance sessions
    and guide operators on the proper use of
    the Equipment
    • Repair or replace broken or defective
    parts and correct problems (eg, leaks)
    • Offer accurate estimates (cost, time,
    effort) for a repair or maintenance job
    • Maintain work and problem logs
    • Keep equipment and tools in good

  • 2017 - 2021
    Barloworld Equipment-CAT

    Apprentice Mechanic

     Assist in the maintenance of machines, engines,
    and industrial equipment.
     Carry out transport of equipment and tools
    necessary for the work.
     Carry out the cleaning, conservation, and storage
    of the parts, tools, and equipment used.
     Assist the mechanic in the tasks of assembling
    and disassembling machines and engines in
     Perform other tasks of the same nature and level
    of complexity associated with the organizational

  • 2014 - 2016
    Barloworld Equipment

    Warehouse assistant

     Assist with receiving, unloading, counting and
    stocking physical inventory in the warehouse
     Open boxes, crates and other containers
     Ensure orders are processed efficiently and that the
    delivery of materials meets customers’ expectations
    and business timelines
     Pick items according to the Order form
     Inspect items to ensure they’re not damaged or
    faulty and adjust inventory accordingly
     Pack item according to specified packing guidelines
     Maintain safe and clean work environment by
    keeping shelves, inventory space and work stations
    neat; sweep and vacuum
     Organise warehouse and work area for orderliness
    at all times
     Wear the proper safety equipment.
     Constantly work to improve processes
     Make suggestions for productivity improvements
     Communicate and collaborate with other team
     Train and guide new warehouse workers
     Perform stock takes bi-annually on all products in
    the warehouse
     Ensure that internal delivery processes are adhered
     Sustain the corrective actions to eliminate repeat
     Monitor and maintain stock accuracy by ensuring
    physical stock is in line with the inventory
    management system and ensure all stock
    movements are recorded to ensure accuracy
     Liaise with customers, suppliers and transport
    companies as and when required in a timely manner
     Ability to be resilient, assertive, optimistic and open
    to change
     Good understanding of customer deliverables and
    the impact failure/cost of poor quality
     Assist with warehouse sales, including working
    weekends where required, bump in and bump out

  • 2014 - 2014
    Barloworld Equipment-CAT

    Parts Sale Person

     Sell Brand parts to Customers from the
    counter/agency or even an authorized
    reseller, as well as inform and advise them on
    their purchases.
     Treat malfunctions (system, documentation,
    deviations, and stock-outs…);
     Obey the activity procedures;
     Participate in warehouse inventories;
     Supervise the cleanliness and orderliness of
    the product on the shelves.

  • 2012 - 2013
    TCO (Transportes Carlos Oliveira)

    Long-distance transport preventive maintenance mechanic

    1. perform general cleaning;
    2. work with selective attention;
    3. test engine performance on
    4. repair steering box;
    5. adjust valves on the engine;
    6. check conditions of the piping and fuel
    7. replace suspension aggregates;
    8. change hoses, belts, and pulleys;
    9. repair injection valve (diesel);
    10.replace system arms;
    11.dispose of parts, components, fluids, and
    lubricants, according to environmental
    12.maintain interpersonal relationships;
    13.changing stabilizer bars and reaction
    14.fill in service order;
    15.perform maintenance of the air
    16.regular ignition and injection system;
    17.adjust wheel hubs;
    18.remove transmission systems;
    19.wear personal protective equipment;
    20.change bushings;
    21.changing filters and lubricants;
    22.demonstrate manual dexterity;
    23.change radiators;
    24.test injection valves;
    25.align steering system;
    26.install engine in the vehicle;
    27.changing oil and water seals;
    28.fulfill commitments assumed;
    29.change springs; charging and starting system; pneumatic valves;
    32.adjust electrical and hydraulic
    mechanical components;
    33.replace aggregates (compressor,
    alternator, water pump, etc.);
    34.consult safety recommendations
    contained in manuals and vehicles;
    35.test the electronic system of the abs
    36.dismantling the engine;

  • 2010 - 2016
    Sunlight Food Court Restaurant-Beira

    Inventory Manager and Klerk

     Coordinates, receives, checks, and supervises the
    storage of products and materials in stock. It
    performs the entries of the movement of inputs,
    and outputs and controls the stocks. Controls and
    manages daily inventory. Check the arrival and
    departure of your shift. Supervises the organization
    and cleaning of the stock.
     Greet and take customers to their tables
     Present the menu and provide detailed information when
    requested (eg about portions, ingredients or potential food
     Prepare the tables by placing towels, cutlery and cups
     Inform customers about the specials of the day
     Give recommendations on the menu if requested
     Sell additional products when appropriate
     Correctly take food and beverage orders using POS
    software, order taking or memorization
     Verifying customers’ identity to ensure they are of
    drinking age
     Communicate order details to the kitchen brigade
     Serving food and beverage orders
     Check the cleanliness and presentation of dishes and
    cutlery and report any problems
     Set the table and keep the salon organized
     Hand over the bill and receive payment
     Take dirty dishes, glasses and cutlery to be cleaned in the
     Meet with restaurant staff to review daily specials, menu
    changes and service specifications for reservations (eg
     Follow all relevant Ministry of Health regulations
     Provide excellent guest service


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Honras e prêmios

  • 2019

    Certificado de Trabalho em Equipe

    Paciente, no momento de trabalha, Fazer valer as suas tarefas e executar em tempo record e aproveitar o tempo restante para ajudar colegas para que eles tambem concluam as suas tarefas.